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Cornerstone Homeschool Connection

Our goal is to encourage and support NWA homeschool families in living out their faith through fun, Christ-centered activities, and fellowship.

The church property has an event center where activities take place and 5 acres of nature to enjoy right in the heart of NWA. (411 South Goad Springs St, Lowell, AR) Below is a description of the Friday activities planned for the fall semester.


*Please note that there are no age segregated classes for children this semester and there are no drop offs (except teens). A parent or guardian must attend clubs, field trips, and/or parties.


*Please note that there is no requirement to attend all events. It’s perfectly fine if you want to sign up for mom fellowship and just attend the Mom’s Nights Out or just sign up for teen activities. Come to one or come to all. We want our families to do activities that best fit their needs.


Geography & History Club – 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Over the course of the semester we will be learning about 7 different countries. We’ll have a speaker & slide show or video about a particular country of study. Families will be encouraged to learn on their own at home between the club dates and dress up, bring a poster board with information, and/or a show & tell item to share with the group.  We’ll also have a potluck lunch where each family will bring a dish from that country.


Teens  – 10 a.m to 12 p.m. 1 hour Evangelism Course, hangout & fellowship. This event will be open to the CHC teens AND their homeschool teen friends. Moms are welcome to drop off or stay. This is the one CHC event that those outside the group can attend if they agree to our code of conduct.

About the Evangelism Course: In Living Waters “Tough Questions,” Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, and Mark Spence will not only equip you to have ready answers to the questions you’ll face but will arm you with an arsenal of valuable questions of your own. You’ll learn simple ways to help people think through their beliefs and to reason with those who may seem unreasonable. In these five sessions you’ll explore what apologetics is (and isn’t), its proper role in evangelism, the fundamentals of worldviews, and the biblical key to unlock the heart of the ungodly. Most importantly, you’ll be given tools to have life-changing conversations with friends and strangers as you share the truth of the gospel, pointing people to the only Answer they need. Discover ready answers to such questions as:

  • Who made God?
  • Why is there suffering and evil?
  • How can a loving God send someone to Hell?
  • Isn't the Bible filled with contradictions?
  • Why are Christians anti-science?
  • And much more...


Mom’s Night Out – Friday Night Fellowship & Fun for moms (Nursing babies are welcome.)


Field Trips/Parties – We have 3 field trips and 3 parties scheduled for the fall semester. We will try and keep to the 10 a.m. time as much as possible. Field trip times may vary.


Fall 2022 Semester - Friday DATES

Aug 12 - Teens

Aug 19 – Back to School Party

Aug 26 – Geography & History Club         

Sept 2 – Field Trip

Sept 9 – Geography & History Club

Sept 16 – Teens/Mom Night Out

Sept 23 – Geography & History Club

Sept 30 – Field Trip

Oct 7 – Geography & History Club

Oct 14 – Teens/MNO

Oct 21 – Geography & History Club

Oct 28 – Field Trip

Nov 4 – Geography & History Club

Nov 11 – Teens/MNO

Nov 18 – Thanksgiving Party

Nov 25 – Thanksgiving BREAK

Dec 2 – Geography & History Club

Dec 9 – Teens/MNO

Dec 16 – Christmas Party

Dec 23 – Christmas BREAK

Dec 30 – Christmas BREAK


If you have further questions Click Here and someone will get in touch with you.


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